Prado Halcones

Welcome to Prado Halcones

Our terrace

Our logo (tilt shift) - Prado Halcones
This is our branding. Eat in a restaurant with a strong identity.
Night terrace - Prado Halcones
Our terrace is also available at night for your special moments.
Our logo (in the wood) - Prado Halcones
This is our branding. Eat in a restaurant with a strong identity.
Night entrance - Prado Halcones
We're open at night to offer your next dinner in Benahavís.
Our logo (at night) - Prado Halcones
This is our branding. Have dinner in a restaurant with a strong identity.
Our logo - Prado Halcones
This is our branding. Eat in a restaurant with a strong identity.

Get in. Get cosy.

Inside Prado Halcones

A table - Prado Halcones
Comfortable leather seats, just as you like.
Table detail with a bottle of wine - Prado Halcones
We have a broad variety of wines, national and international.
Overview - Prado Halcones
Book your table, whenever you want.
Overview 2 - Prado Halcones
Our dining room is cosy and light-filled.
Lounge - Prado Halcones
Prado Halcones is warm and welcoming at any angle.
Tables - Prado Halcones
Wood. Leather. Glass. With a glimpse of gold. Just for you.
A table in the corner - Prado Halcones
One of our favourite corners at Prado Halcones.
A table with a sofa - Prado Halcones
Feel like you were home at Prado Halcones.
Wine cellar - Prado Halcones
Our wine cellar. What would you like to have today?

Grab a drink.

Prado Halcones' Bar

Bar - Prado Halcones
Our bar. From cold beer right out of the tap to freshly made cocktails, we have them all.
Barman smiling - Prado Halcones
Our barman will be happy to serve you.
Barman mixing - Prado Halcones
What would you like to have today? Maybe a cosmopolitan? Right away!
Barman pouring cosmopolitan - Prado Halcones
Freshly made cocktails always taste better. With the exact measure, they taste best.
Cosmpolitan - Prado Halcones
It's just as you ordered. Enjoy your cocktail.
Bar at night - Prado Halcones
You can take a seat and enjoy your drinks right here. Before or after having your meal.

Taste our dishes.

Fresh ingredients. Always.

Salad, Ham & Cheese - Prado Halcones
Fresh salad with Italian cheese and Spanish ham. Yummy!
Goat cheese - Prado Halcones
Our goat cheese is simply amazing. You will be satisfied.
Rissoto - Prado Halcones
Rissoto is cooked with shrimps, lime and tomato cherry to deliver the best flavour possible.
Lobster - Prado Halcones
Taste the flavours of the sea with our grilled lobster dish.
Sirloin over asparagus - Prado Halcones
Grilled sirloin with duck paté over fresh asparagus, with our special sauce. A great taste.
BBQ - Prado Halcones
Have our special BBQ directly out of the grill. Care! It's hot!
Spice BBQ - Prado Halcones
We will spice up your BBQ to your liking.
Apple pie - Prado Halcones
Home-made apple pie with vanilla ice cream.
Cheesecake - Prado Halcones
Home-made cheesecake with berries, strawberries and cream.